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The Mall in Hammersmith, London W6, was designated a Conservation Area in 1971. The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (LBHF) approved a Character Profile of “The Mall Conservation Area” in 1996, which describes the special character of this area, identifying buildings of note, interesting facts and showing how the buildings, open spaces and streets work together to create an environment "worthy of protection". You can view both The Mall Conservation Area Character Profile and a detailed plan of The Mall Conservation Area here.

The key objectives of The Hammersmith Mall Residents' Association (“HAMRA”) are simple: they are to act independently in the interest of local residents by seeking appropriate management of the conservation area by the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and to maintain the beautiful and historic character of the area, including its public areas and green spaces, thus making the neighbourhood a pleasant place to live and to visit.

A principal part of achieving these objectives is that HAMRA truly represents the residents of The Mall Conservation Area and actively encourages residents to support HAMRA and supports them in issues which they regard as important aspects of the management of The Mall Conservation Area.

A brief list of the issues in which HAMRA is currently engaged is as follows:

  1. Establishment of HAMRA.
  2. Effective communication with residents.
  3. Development of affiliations.
  4. Thames Tideway Tunnel.
  5. The Thames Path and the A4 alternative cycle route.
  6. Safeguarding the promenade and recreational areas.
  7. Maintenance and upgrade of the A4 underpasses.
  8. Support for The Friends of Furnival Gardens.
  9. Support for Neighbourhood Watch groups.
  10. Support for the needs of children.
  11. Develop an appropriate policy and management for the protection of all buildings and other physical features and amenities, including the moored houseboats, and against the adverse affects of the A4, in The Mall Conservation Area.
  12. Develop and maintain a knowledge of, and public awareness about, the history of The Mall Conservation Area.
  13. Pursue a mutually good working relationship with the LBHF and, in particular, with the Councillors of the Ravenscourt Park and Hammersmith Broadway Wards.
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